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Jan 13, 2013 10:00am PST
day, and if they don't keep the beds full they're going to lose money. >> the louisiana secretary of corrections jimmy le blanc -- >> we didn't have the means. we didn't have the funding to accommodate building prisons. we didn't have the money so that partnership, that cooperative endeavor of agreement together was a means to build additional prisons and have the beds that we needed to house prisoners. >> it works this way. county or parish sheriffs get about $25 a day for inmates that would have otherwise ended up in state prisons. some of that money goes to house and feed the prisoners. what's left over belongs to the underfunded sheriffs' departments to use for much needed equipment and for manpower. >> at one point that was a real good thing, because they didn't have bulletproof vests. they had bad or old or used equipment. >> well, yes, you ow, but is that the way to finance those things, you know by increasing sentences for the sole purpose of filling up local jails. is it ethical to incarcerate people for the sole purpose of making money? >> burl cain, warden of one of the
Jan 6, 2013 10:00am PST
generally use a bible, the hebrew scriptures, some use the constitution. some don't use anything, they just do an affirmation as opposed to swearing in, but this was the first time we know of that the bhagavad gita was used. >> and there was no controversy about it. i remember a couple of years ago when a muslim was sworn in. there was a huge controversy about his using the quran. this time? >> well, when keith ellison was elected and then sworn in in 2007 he did choose a quran. of course there are sensitivities with muslims and so there was some controversy. he ended up using a koran that was owned by thomas jefferson, which helped dampen some of that controversy. >> is this the most religiously diverse congress there's ever been? >> it is considered the most diverse congress ever. that sort of reflects the changes in american society. although congress hasn't kept up with all the changes exactly in american society. think about protestants. congress is still majority protestant, about 56%. >> but protestants went -- the number of protestants went down a little bit, the number of catholics
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2